Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Stuff done anyway...

Hack, hack, cough, cough. It will all be gone by Saturday (the last prednisone day) so I'm just ignoring it and staying away from other people (who can't).

I got some yarn wound today that has been sitting around waiting since forever. I got two songs off my swimming iPod Shuffle - they have been driving me crazy. I cleaned up the kitchen and separated 10 English muffins for freezing. I washed out the trash basket from the bathroom. Photographed and cataloged the fabric I got at Goodwill and put it away. And I cut out some more squares of fabric scraps. I'm thinking they might just turn into a hoodie here one day soon.

Sandy (home owners association board president) dropped by and gave me a thank you card with a $100 visa in it! Thank you for helping out the condo community. Very nice.

I put it into Amazon and then bought an Amazon $100 gift card which is what I usually do with Visa gift cards. But, for some reason Amazon wasn't having it. THEN... I remembered that my favorite restaurant - the one that is moving to the neighborhood in January - is having a special Christmas deal. Buy a $100 13 Coins gift card from them and they'll toss in a $20 gift back card for free! Heck yeah baby. Ordered that right up.

Oh and after two disastrous days of no goal making, my tracker was more than excited to see I was back in the saddle again. Nice.

I just went in to figure out what's for dinner when I spied left over pizza!! YES. The oven is heating up now. Life is good.
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