Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And... She's BAAAAAAACK!

I had one really bad cough attack last night and then later a couple of smaller squalls that felt like they could be the start of something bad but turned out not to be. No alarms set. Wake up when wake up and deal with life then.

I woke up at 4:30. I was really awake. So I got up and slowly got my suit on and went to the pool. No hurry. The water was back up to comfortable temperature. I started off slowly and the first 200 yards or so were a little dicey but I did not stop - even at the edge - and soon it was fine. Just fine. Just my regular swim. Not my fastest but not bad at all. It felt so good.

I'm still coughing a little but at least not while I swim. I'm sure the swim success was at least partially psychosomatic but I don't care. Knowing that I am on the way to healing is way better, operationally, than being bummed about how this might be the way my life is from now on.

I am going to figure out a way to get and keep prednisone on hand so that I don't have to repeat these last 10 days. I totally get the (particularly legal) ramifications but I'm playing the old age card for all it's worth. At nearly 70 years old, I'm barely planning for 5 years much less 10 - long term negative side affects do not put me on notice.

I've had breakfast now and caught up with the internets and know that I can leave the house and maybe even engage in casual conversation with people and not sound like a 1940's TB ward, I'm conjuring ideas.

My stash of Diet Dr. Pepper is getting perilously low. As is my supply of English muffins (my go to recently). I think I can get both at Cash and Carry so I think that's where I'll head. I bought a couple of pairs of socks at Goodwill a week or so ago. They were not pre-owned but from their stock of brand new stuff and I really love them so I think I may drop in there and see if I can snag a couple more pair. I also have a bag full of donation stuff. And Goodwill is near Cash and Carry. I'm seeing a plan come together here.

I totally forgot about the Seattle Men's Chorus Christmas concert this year until today. The cheapest seats left are $50 and I'm not sure I'm that into it. I'm sure there are special deals - maybe even day of show but I can't find them. Oh well. The one I'd go to would be Christmas Eve afternoon show. I may re-google that morning.

And, finally... I serve Zoey wet cat food when she asks for it. I put it in her dish and put the dish on her placemat and tell here "Bon Appetite". Every time I say that to her I giggle at the very fact that I do it. Every time.

Yesterday, I watched my brother, via his web cam, put a bowl of yogurt down for his chickens who were gathered and ready for their treat. As he turned away, he told them "Bon Appetite!" Cracked me up!
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