Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Are you ok with feeling better in 24 hours or less????

I waited and waited for Dr. Lung's office to call me back and crickets. Finally I went to get pizza and stopped at Trader Joe's and had a major coughing attack every time I moved... from the house to the car... cough, from the car to Trader Joe's... cough, cough, cough... etc.

Finally I got my stuff and made it home. Sitting still or moving slowly is the only way to not cough.

But, just now I got the call. The nice lady said "Dr. Lee says it sounds like a COPD exacerbation and he's recommending prednizone if you are ok with that..." Ok with breathing and living like a normal human??? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!! But, what I said was ohgodyes. So I'm waiting 15 minutes to call and see if the prescription is ready.

I do not get all the prednizone drama. I have taken the stuff now about 4 times and at least 3 of those 4 times I've gone - nearly instantly - from horrible to fabulous. (The 4th time, I was pretty healed by the time I finally got some so not horrible.) I even studied the side effects last night on the internet. Long term and short term. The short term don't happen to me and the long term are all things that I'm willing to chance. Really. Am I OK with it? I am not ok with antibiotics handed out because maybe they might work. But no one asked if I was ok with that.

I'm going to be having a chat with Dr. Regular next time I see him. No more of this pussy footing around prednizone again. Gimme or I'll get it on the street.

I also need to ask one or the other of them - probably Dr. Lung since he's likely the one I'll see next - about whether to swim or not or walk or not when I get an attack like this. I still didn't get that answer. But, since I'll be better, I'll swim tomorrow for sure.

Not sure why this LJ cut won't work. Just scroll on by, I guess.


So when you are an old lady (and, I understand this also applies to young ladies who have had kids) and you cough, you leak pee. If you cough a lot and or have coughing fits, you leak a lotta pee even when your bladder is empty. No clue how that works and don't care - just wish it wouldn't work at all. It's horrible, uncomfortable, smelly and messy. It's nearly as bad as the actual coughing. I've had to wear Depends (or actually equivalents which are much more comfortable) every day all day and at night. Diapers. Lovely. So when I don't cough, not only do I sound way more human and healthy, and my rib case doesn't scream with hurt, but also I'm not peeing all over myself.

I just called and not yet. I think I might just go get in the car and go over there and sit and wait.
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