Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No sense at all

I am still coughing. I am still kind of a little short of breath. Is it better to try and swim or even swim a little bit? Or rest? Is it better to go out and walk around the block to build up strength or rest?

My doctor would be able to tell me and also would give me prednizone which would fix it but he won't be back until Friday. Today is Tuesday.

So I thought, I'll call my lung doctor and ask him. So I get this really kind young woman and try to ask her by giving her the minimal amount of background and holy crap. I muddled up the whole thing and also had a coughing fit while I tried to talk.

I think she's probably traumatized. I told her that it all sounded very reasonable and rational in my head when I apologized. She'd gone off now to ask the doctor and will call me back. I am very glad I don't have to hear what she actually says to him. (Both doctors work in the same place and, I hope, Dr. Lung can see the details of what Dr. Regular put in my records last week. Both doctors are also named Dr. Lee.)

FYI I'm very tired of coughing. So I wait. Regardless of the answer, I've decided on pizza for dinner.
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