Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Adjusted for Old Age...

Years and years ago - late 80's - I worked for a guy named Joe. He was actually the boss of my boss at IBM and a pure gem of a guy, He was one of those guys who never ever loses you no matter what and has a memory for people that is astonishing.

Good Connecticut Catholic married to the same - Mary - with a house full of kids and then grand kids and then great grand kids. Every single year I got his family newsletter and a picture of the ever growing clan. I long since lost track of who was who outside of Joe and Mary but I enjoyed the newsletter anyway.

This year, I got the Christmas card but when I opened it, no newsletter with photo fell out. Instead was a lovely Christmas note followed by "No newsletter - Happy Holidays adjusted for old age". Both Joe and Mary have to be in their 90's now but they still got it for sure and still crack me up.

I did nearly nothing today and kind of got into after a bit. I sat right here in my chair and worked on my databases - databasi? I finished cataloging all the patterns and all the fabrics! Now I just need to make sure I keep them current. I think that part won't be as tedious. I did figure out that syncing with the spreadsheet and making across the board changes there then re-syncing was an easy way to make global changes. This will make it all far more robust.

I have not been moving much so breathing is fine and no coughing unless I try to take a deep breath and even then, not so terrible. So all in all a better day than it looked like it would be when staring at it from this morning.

The water temperature in the pool was chilly yesterday and fucking cold today. Cold as in take your breath away cold and I had no spare breath to donate to the cause so it added to the not fun. But, I sent a text to 'Joe' asking him about it. I have no clue who 'Joe' is but he sent me a text right after I joined and said if I ever had a question or needed anything to pop him a text. So I did. And I got an answer back that was thoughtful and to the point (basically, they are on it and it's not broken, just needs adjusting). I so very much appreciate having someone so easy to contact who listens and responds. I still love my new gym.

Oh! Just spied this!! "A winter storm is expected to roll into Western Washington later Monday, bringing heavy snow in the mountains and flurries to the Seattle area." We will likely not see a flake but still, it's fun to think about.

I just read that there is currently no ETA on re-opening Interstate 5 due to the train crash investigation. Because of the land topography and highway structure around that section, that is truly bad news for everyone needing that road. The viable alternatives are like going from Tacoma to Seattle by way of Dallas, Tx.
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