Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Streak ended...

I'm not entirely sure when the last day was that I did no swim at least a mile. I think it may have been last January. I already knew I wouldn't be swimming next Monday since the gym closes on Christmas. So my streak had an end in sight. But, this morning, I gave up after what turned out to be a slow 1,100 yards with many stops for catching my breath.

I came home and collapsed back into bed for an hour. I feel better now but I'm really not happy about having my swimming affected by this. That's not at all acceptable.

When I got up this morning, I was huffing and puffing and short of breath getting into my suit and into the car. I pushed through anyway when clearly I should have stopped and let my lungs catch up.

The plan for tomorrow is to wake up when I wake up and take my time and make sure I am breathing ok before I even head out. Normally I need to get there asap so I can be back on the road home before the work rush hour. But this week the roads won't be packed so timing won't matter at all.

This better be fucking temporary. Messing with my swimming is serious shit.

And speaking of serious shit, Amtrak opened up a new route this morning with a new station in Tacoma and expanded schedules. It was a huge freakin' deal with celebrations that started yesterday. The inaugural run was this morning and the train was packed with train buffs all hyped up for the first run. This guy's tweets is kind of chilling.

The train is dangling off the overpass onto the interstate highway on the new section of track. Yikes. Another reason to be grateful that there isn't the usual traffic this morning. I hate comparisons like this but even so, there are a whole lotta people having a way worse morning that I am.

I have nothing that I have to do today and that very well be exactly what I end up doing... nothing.
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