Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Well, that sure shuts 'em up

I finished sewing for the day and came into the living room to nearly total quiet. I looked outside and about 25% of the cars were gone. What happened to the football game??? Well, turns out, the Seahawks got their lunch eatted. They did get a touchdown just now but the noise level was reduced considerably from the usual touchdown noise. The game is still going on but to say fans are leaving in droves would be a bit of an under statement. Interesting turn of events.

The tunic I'm working on in the sewing room is really a wonderful pattern and it has a bascillioin variations built right in so I'm going to be making it a lot. The serger makes such a difference in both the finishing of stuff and the enjoyment of making it.

I got a spiraler the other day and then some zucchini but I felt so crappy, I didn't do anything with either until today. I made zucchini spirals and tossed them with Trader Joe's Spicy Peanut Dressing. They are marinating now. This could be my favorite thing for a while. I generally hate vegetables. I am the very opposite of a vegan but I'm kind of jazzed about these 'noodles'. I also have a cucumber to spiral.

But, after doing my first spiraling, I can only ask why the hell have I never seen a picture of this on the internet???


Seriously, Twitter alone could make a day out of this and Instagram... what a missed opportunity.

Ok, now there can't really be anyone left in the stadium.

Now I think I'll watch another episode of Good Behavior. It really is such a good show. I have 6 episodes saved and I'm doling them out carefully to make this second season last as long as possible. I thought the first season was good but I think this one is better.
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