Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Better-ish, I hope

I watched the first hour of two movies and then gave up on both. I don't know whether they were bad movies or if my attention span is just shot in my old age. But, I'm sure not going to sweat it. Delete buttons are built to be used.

I did finally get in some quality day sleeping only to be woken up by a coughing fit. But, really, that one - about 5 hours ago was the last one today so far. So... good.

I took the trash down to the dumpsters and then ventured out for a walk around the block. My lungs and legs could tell that I had not been off my ass much in recent days so the walk was good. Plus I saw that they now have the permanent signs out over the new 13 Coins restaurant. Progress!

I had oatmeal and toasted English muffins for dinner and it was all delicious. The kitchen is clean and now I'm going to settle back and watch some 1 hour shows which is all the time I can devote to one plot, apparently.
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