Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More complaining...

I took the antibiotic a good 5 hours ago and so far I feel worse than I have since this thing first attacked. Probably not a cause and effect but still. I'm so tired of this cough.

On the bright side, the antibiotic - not covered by insurance - was $3.29. I was astounded. My inhalers (one of which is basically generic) are like $200 a pop. The disparity is wild. This country's medical cost situation is just out of control.

And speaking of insurance...

And I just got another phone call from Humana. There are 3 pages of communications preferences on their website. My selection is DO NOT communicate with me but if you feel like you must, then email only. Last September I bitched on Twitter and was, supposedly, put on their do not call list. I just bitched again and was, again promised this elusive and clearly ineffective do not call list. Those people really like to fuck with me.

It is truly a night for easy comfort food dinner... sausages and mac n cheese.

I'm declaring today the worst and tomorrow starts the better.
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