Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A different day

My doctor says I'm going to live... He said that he couldn't hear anything horrible in my lungs but because of the emphysema, he's inclined to be more concerned than he would be otherwise so he wanted me to take course of antibiotics. I demurred*. (*As in made a big ugly face and said nooooooooooooooo.) So then he dropped back to well, how about I give you a paper prescription and you wait two or thee days and if you aren't better, then get it filled and take it and... if after the antibiotics, you still aren't better, call me and I'll give you prednizone.

Fair enough. Oh and he told me to get religious about the albuterol inhaler. 3 or 4 times a day without fail. And codine cough syrup which tastes so disgusting. There's a big overdose warning on the bottle. NFW could I drink enough of that shit to overdose. It's gross.

It's probably been a hundred years since I got a paper prescription. Apparently the little notepad with scribbles is not a laser printer on fancy counterfeit-proof paper. I came home and dosed up on albuterol and codine and called Capital One.

My credit card was declined at the drug store. WTF? And at the pay to park. Really WTF? So after fighting my way to a human and repeating my name, birthday and secret 3 digit code to FOUR FUCKING different people, turns out their 'please confirm this transaction' emails have been going into spam. So they just shut me down when I didn't reply. I'm ok with that. My bad. Gmail now knows to raise the flag when one comes in and my card now works.

And then I hit the road. I went to Walmart. Didn't buy a thing. I went to DK Market and they didn't have what I wanted either. Drowned my sorrows in some Popeye chicken and went on to 99 Ranch. There I replenished my stash of this candy that ljtourist turned me on to and laid in a supply of butter crackers.


Then on to JoAnn's Fabrics. The store down where I was is huge compared to the one here in town. And I found some nice cotton knits. It was busy but the people working there were nice and friendly and full of good humor making the whole experience lovely.

My cough laid low while I was out and is cranking up now. It's weird. But, Sunday, yesterday and today... it cranks up about 4:50-5 pm. It's a cocktail hour cough!

For the record, I do intend for it to be gone before Friday when I would get the antibiotics. And I would only take them to get to the prednizone.

I'm doing this test for the City of Seattle. A driving app is monitoring all my driving. One of the things it tracks is distractions. How often and how you using your phone while driving. So far, I've scored 100% in no distractions and I didn't want to fuck up my record. So I mounted the phone today and didn't touch it. I had the map/trip up when I started the car. Then I used voice to ask it to please read my Audible book which it did, no sweat. EXCEPT, while it had the Audible screen up, it gave me my directions with a picture in a picture!

I had heard about this new feature but never seen it. Very cool. Also I had planned out my trip to four different places before I left home and 'sent it to phone'. Because I was not touching the phone, I couldn't kill the trip like I normally would, once I got close. And, low and behold Google maps figured me out. Even tolerated two unplanned stops. It just kept on going until I had been to all of the originally planned places and then asked if I was going home.


I was smart enough to snag extra chicken at lunch. Dinner's now all set.
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