Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I read something this morning on Instagram that really struck me. Paraphrasing to make it my own:

Gratitude should stand on it's own. Comparing stuff doesn't count. It could be worse so I'll be grateful is just valid to me.

But really this one.

My hard is not your hard. This is one I used to get a lot in Live Journal comments. I still see some of it but not as much, thankfully. One that still burns is a woman who used to always comment, when I was complaining about my Mother, 'at least your mother is still alive!' What is difficult in my life does not compare, in any way, to what's difficult in your life. I respect your difficulties and understand that what is hard for you might not be for me but that makes it no less hard for you. And... vice versa.

I have known both of these things for most of my life but it took an Instagram comment to crystallize it for me. Wow.

I am off to the doctor this morning. I've had enough of this coughing shit. I slept great last night but this morning, the cough is still here. I even ran out of breath after two laps in the pool. And I never run out of breath in the pool. I did get my stride back by the third lap but really, fucking with my swimming is going too far.

I have a great doctor and he will fix me up. I'm hoping for prednizone which fixes me up every time but I hate to be one of those drug begging people...

When I was up at my neighbors the other night, we were discussing TV sourcing. They gave up cable TV and now watch DirectTV Now and Hulu via Chromecast. They get all the channels I would watch at more than half the price. And, in their case, it's a particularly attractive deal since they have a beach house on Vashon Island (a nearby access-by-ferry spot) and so their TV watching is perfectly portable. It was all sounding very attractive until I asked "so how do you record stuff?" We don't. Rip.

I know there are ways to do it - record stuff and lots of options and probably even money saving ones but I cannot imagine being confined to live TV. I rarely even watch live TV at all. If I wanted to give up something, it would be live TV. Plus, while I could maybe get used to another DVR set up, I've had a TiVo since the year 2000. It would take a whole lot to get me separated from my TiVo. A whole lot. And, yeah, there are non cable TiVo options now but really, in the scheme of things, I'll keep what I got. It works for me. I could save a bundle by switching to Comcast for a year and then switching back. And I'm incredibly lucky to even be able to do that. But, no. Thank you. End of TV naval gazing for a few months or more.

Time now to get dressed.
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