Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The cure

By about 10 this morning, I was, apparently, done coughing. No coughing all day. I even just went downstairs to talk to the building manger - no coughing when talking and really not that short of breath either. I have not used my rescue inhaler since before swimming today.

I did make an appointment with the doctor but I think I'm going to cancel. It's for 9 am tomorrow so I think I'll make sure I sleep fine tonight and then cancel it early early tomorrow so someone else can have that slot.

I spent the afternoon putting together my new sewing table. One of the reasons I got it was that it had tons of reviews saying how easy it was to put together. (There was another one that appeared actually more suitable but its reviews allowed as how assembly was a bitch. So no.) It was complicated and several times I thought about just leaving it and letting my brother do it when he comes to visit in January but I pressed on and it is a really nice, nice table.

I am going to use it for a while but I do think that I'm going to have to remove those wheels. It's just too tall with them. I can replace them with sliders I think and that will work fine on the carpet. It actually looks very nice with the serger on it.

I even got all the mess cleaned up. The tools put away and the detritus into the dumpster. All that work with fine breathing and no coughing. Nice.


Now there is absolutely too much stuff in the room plus it's not arranged smartly. Part of this is that there are two big pieces that I cannot move by myself. So this room will be my brother's challenge when they get here. Let's figure out the best way to arrange it and then let's arrange it that way.
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