Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

hypochondria or real chondria?

Last evening, my neighbor called and asked for some router help so I went up and fixed the problem and then sat around and chatted with her and her partner for a while. Turns out I could barely talk for coughing. And it is the kind of cough that when someone else hears it, they feel compelled to offer sympathy. "Oh, that does not sound good..." I hadn't noticed before because I hadn't really talked to anyone since about Friday.

When I got back home, I spent the rest of the evening coughing and then woke up several times unable to get back to sleep for way longer than normal. At one point, the wheezing noise my breathing made kept me awake.

But, after my swim I felt way better. I'm still coughing but not as bad and it doesn't sound as bad at least to me. I thought about going to the doctor. Then I checked My Chart to see that 1. I can now make New Problem appointments online (it used to be only annual checkups) and 2. He has 3 openings this morning. So if I change my mind and decide to go see him, it's totally easily doable. Nice.

I had planned a bit of a shopping trip today but I think maybe I'll save that and just hang around here today. I may well need some day sleeping and I can do the shopping any day. Now that keeping the serger is definite, I ordered a table to put it on and that is coming today and will involve assembly. It's UPS so it will be here about lunch time-ish.

Oh, the latest on the free shelf... The condo board is going to do a resident survey on a bunch of different topics and plan to add the free shelf in. If most people want it then it's a go. Seems very good and fair to me. I have several things to donate now... Just waiting for when it comes back. I'll be shocked if it does not pass.

Time to go get dressed and get going on the day
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