Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Stuff done

I got the laundry all washed, dried and put away so now I have pants, plus I did make another pair. The serger is fabulous in the pants making department.

Zoey is playing the role of needy cat tonight. She's not happy with my hands on this keyboard.

I just had the most simple and delicious and different (for me) dinner of chicken roasted by Safeway (which was 50% off!) and Main St. Bistro Scalloped Potatoes plus actual vegetables. Safeway had this cut up and packaged stir fry mix of green beans, mushrooms and onions. I sauted some of it in olive oil and ponzu. All together it made for an incredibly easy, delicious and attractive meal. Go me! Plus I have more of all of it to do a repeat tomorrow or Monday. I hate cooking but I do love eating.

TV time. Zoey just went up to her computer monitor bed. So I think we're settled in for the evening.
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