Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Saturday morning ... gone

I sat down to write an entry and then get started on my day. I glanced at the clock and it's nearly noon! WTF?

Oh well. I should have figured that out. Everything today has been a struggle. Breathing is hard and it's also a cough day. These days happen and more and more frequently. Both my regular doctor and my lung doctor have made references in the past to my lung issues being worse in cold weather but I brushed it off as everyonealwayscomplainsaboutcoldweather. But, maybe... I'd sure rather it be because of cold weather than a it be a sign that COPD is taking over and we're headed for the slog downhill. I'm keeping track of the bad days and they started in November. My next scheduled doctor's appointment is in March so I should have enough evidence by then to at least have talking points.

Because of the coughing, swimming was a bit of a slog this morning. Most of it was ok. Well, half. But the rest of a bit of a chore. The murky of the pool, however, is getting more cleared up every day which is nice.

I'm wearing the last of my clean pants so I think both laundry and sewing another pair will happen today. Also I thought of another, critical field for my data base that I need to add in and retrofit.

And I have a lot of TV go watch. I saved up Season 2 of Good Behavior and then there is Mrs. Maisel (I've only seen the 1st ep) and now The Crown. I may have overstocked.

Lots to do. Time to get to it!
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