Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Debbie Data Base

I've been using this data base app that is specifically for collecting info on Sewing patterns. But this week it started turning on me. It won't let me add photos. I spent way too much time trying to bend it to my will yesterday. I wrote to the author - in New Zealand asking for help. No response yet.

Then, this morning, the issue was my swim think and I worked over all the possibilities and then moved on to what if I rolled my own? I could make a giant doc - oh, wait, maybe better in a spreadsheet... I almost, for a minute, wished for the days of Microsoft Access. I got over that quickly, however.

When I got home, I poked around and found a neat little app that I can run on my chromebook and phone and back up to Google Drive. And I think I'm going to use it to build my own. I might even move my Flickr fabric album over into it.

I also had another different sewing adventure yesterday. There's a magazine in Finland that has some very cool designs and patterns for them. I liked a bunch of the patterns in an issue from 2015 and ordered a back copy. It arrived yesterday. It has pictures and patterns for all of these outfits:

The patterns are amazingly on 4 sheets - back and front of two large pieces of paper. There's a clever scheme for figuring out which lines to trace. At first glance, I thought it was impossible but it turned out to be only tricky.


You trace the pieces of the pattern/size you want and then use the result to cut out the fabric. I'm starting with that hoodie in the middle on the bottom row but I'm doing a cowl neck instead of the hood.

I just realized that I wrote about this yesterday. Rerun!

So today I will get started on a test of that hoodie... The pattern looks solid but just in case, I'll make one up using my Goodwill sheet fabric to make sure before I cut into the good stuff. I'm actually having a difficult time finding good, medium weight cotton knit fabric so I sure don't want to waste what I've found!

Or I might just get the data base rolling. Or both. Nothing else on the agenda so I can do what I want. But, first, I think I'll put some clothe on.
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