Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A maker day

I'm still really enjoying my serger. It took me a while to get the hang of it but I think I've got it now. I made a semi complicated shirt this morning that was mostly serged and it came out fine plus it was fun to do.

A couple of weeks ago, I found a pattern online that turns out to have come from a Finish magazine. I ordered a back copy that had the pattern I wanted. The Finish website isn't too crystal on the whole process. I assumed I paid money and then got a link to a PDF. Wrong. I paid money and in a couple of weeks I got a magazine that had sewing pattern templates in it.

It arrived today. Very weird. But, it turns out, really doable. And fun. Plus the designs are just lovely - simple and sleek. And, when you consider that I really like most of the patterns in the magazine, it turns out to e pretty cheap. A subscription - 2 issues a year - is about $25 and each contains about 20 patterns. An average pattern is about $10 - ish. So... a deal.

So I killed a good bit of today trying to figure out Finis/English instructions. I think I've got it.

Also I ran into the plumber. He asked me how my hot water was and I mentioned, laughingly, that it was boiling my hands and I was thinking about turning the temp down just a bit. He freaked.

Years ago, in some house or another, I jammed a screw driver into the gauge thingie and reset the temp, no prob. Apparently, things have changed and it's gotten a little more hairy.

He said he'd be happy to come by and do it and he did. I watched and, yep, there are a lot of safeguards and road blocks and live wires that we didn't have in the olden days. He said he'd come back and do it again if it wasn't perfect this time. He's in the building a lot so I wouldn't mind asking him.

He also said that the 10 year hot water heater was a semi scam. It's the same unit as the 6 year but with a rod that reduces rust. Our water is so soft, we don't have any anyway. So my 6 year will last 10. And I got a check today from his wife for $350. Fine by me!

TV and knitting up next.
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