Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cutting off my nose to spite my face...

I've had it with Humana Pharmacy. Dealing with them is like walking around cut glass paving stones in the pitch dark. I love ordering my drugs on line and getting them in the mail and having the info handy but dealing with Humana Pharmacy makes all of that not worth it. Their website is wrong half the time. It currently says I am in stage 4 (I pay nothing) on one page and stage 3 (I pay full price) on another. I placed an order the other day for which the total was $0. I just got charged $25 on my credit card. I'm done with them.

At my doctor's office, there is a lovely local pharmacy. They have several stores and a compounding operation. They have a website where I can enter my refill requests. They have lovely, nice people who have worked there since forever. They are kind of a pain to get to and the parking situation is funky. Their mailing service costs extra. I will have to track my own drug data. Sometimes I have to talk to them on the phone. But, I think I'm switching to them anyway. They do not piss me off.

The pool was still cloudy this morning but knowing they know it and are working on a fix makes all the difference. There were not as many swimmers today as usual. Thursdays do seem to be a low population day.

So yesterday Google and Amazon had a fight. The result was that I can now no longer watch the condo cameras on my TV via Fire TV which has been my habit. Fine. I have a tablet and can Chromecast the cameras to the TV. I could use my Google tablet but no, if Amazon wants to be pissy, I can be pissy back. I am now using my Fire tablet which I jury rigged with Google Play Store apps to cast the cams. Ha!

I am not a fan of soup particularly. But the bakery/cafe down the street just tweeted that they have today both French potato soup and cream of mushroom soup and I'll bet both of those are spectacular. I might just stroll down there and pick up one or both for lunches - today and future.

Otherwise it's a sewing day. I have stuff cut out ad ready to assemble. I have the serger loaded up with the right color thread. And the house cleaner made the sewing room all shiny and pretty so I'm headed back there now.


It still shocks me when I look down and see that my arms/hands have turned into those of my grandmother.
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