Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Let it be known... I want the freakin' plug pulled

Yesterday, I read a news story about a 70 year old man with no family who was brought to the emergency room unconscious. He had a very clear tattoo on his upper chest that read "Do Not Resuscitate" and the doctors decided that he really didn't mean it. WTF????? Fortunately, the doctors were over ruled by the hospital and their lawyers and the man died. They somehow found corroboration that his wishes were to be left alone and not revived.

But I pretty much stayed annoyed about this all day and still am. Someone goes to the trouble of getting a tattoo and they think he didn't mean it??

So... let this be my corroboration. I do not want to be resuscitated ever under any circumstances. If I am dying, let me go. It is what I want. I am clear thinking and know what I'm saying. I have given my doctor a written document of my wishes. My emergency contact - my brother - is well aware of my wishes. And... I wear a bracelet that says DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). If I wake up from someone reviving me, there will be repercussions!

Ok, now maybe I can worry about something else.

I'll worry about the pool. It was even cloudier this morning. Finally I asked the woman in the lane next to me - a regular - what she thought and she said that this happens (cloudy water) from time to time. "So, it will get fixed?" I asked and she said oh yeah. I also sent a text to a guy who works there and who texted me when I first joined. I would love to hear back from him that they are aware, and will have it fixed pronto and there will be no need to close the pool. My fingers are crossed.

My credit card, this morning, shows an electronic payment of $6,700. Said windfall is not reflected in the totals which are in line with my spreadsheet. But it's sure there in the transaction list. This does not give me a warm and comfy feeling. I understand typos, I just don't like them in my finances.

Today is errands. Well, really more killing time outside the house while the house cleaner cleans. I'll make my usual check of Goodwill inventory but the rest is so far unscripted. Maybe a grocery stop. I'm getting bored with my meals and I need some new ideas.

Right now, I need to go get dressed before she gets here.

Edit: Here's the story. And here's the New England Journal of Medicine article.

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