Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The pool this morning was no nearly as clear as it usually is. I have been able to see, underwater, from one end of the pool to the other. Today that visibility was down to half the length of the pool. During my swim, there was a guy doing water content tests so I can only hope that it will all be cleared up tomorrow. I sure hope so.

My new sewing obsession is shawl collars. I tend to think up these ideas and then go look for patterns only to find there are none. Or rather there are none that I want.

The big four pattern companies that have been around since forever, are not options I consider. I am really only interested in patterns I can download. Fortunately, there are tons of independent pattern companies these days offering excellently done PDF patterns. In the olden days, you bought a pattern from the big four (or three if you go back far enough) in your size. If you had size 9 shoulders and size 14 hips you had a bunch of work to do to make the pattern viable.

Most of these independent producers offer up layered PDF's. The actual pattern ranges from very small to very large and you just turn off the sizes you don't want and print out the pieces in the size(s) you want. It's very cool and a much better way.

I found a new (to me) company yesterday with a pattern that has a shawl collar options (also a hoodie option which will be fun). To that's today's project.

The black thread arrived so I can work on the other stuff that I was just waiting for it. And I started yesterday working on the patchwork pants project. So... I have plenty to keep me off the streets and legally occupied. Should be a good day and I think I'll get on with it!

And I have no where I want or need to go. So a stay at home day it will be.
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