Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Yoga Breathing

I have COPD. 75% of the time, you'd never know it. I'd never know it. But some days and parts of days regular breathing does not come easily. Today was not a bad breathing day but there were challenges. Before I went down to the HOA meeting, I put some stuff away and tidied up the sewing room and generally walked around doing stuff kind of a little in a hurry.

When I got to the elevator, I was breathing a little heavily - not panting but more breathing deliberately. I didn't even notice. I got in the elevator with a girl down the hall and we were quiet. Then she said "that's some excellent yoga breathing. my instructor would be very impressed"

Cracked me up. Yoga breathing. I can't wait to tell Dr. Lung.

The HOA meeting was over in 20 minutes. The main disrupter kept his mouth shut for once although he did have several snide remarks to share with me in the elevator back up here to our floor. Everyone at the meeting was nice and civil and the job got done. Next meeting is the annual one in January which I will skip.

Now is knittin' time.
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