Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Turned out to be a nice day

So I picked up some allergy pills today just in case and, of course, my doing that just completely stopped the nose running. Didn't have to ingest a single pill. Nice.

I found a new pattern that I really like at an independent company with better than average pattern scheme and instructions. I'm jazzed. I got the pattern made and the fabric cut out... tomorrow.

I got this and that done and other around the house puttering and before you know it the day was gone. Off in a few to the HOA meeting.

Oh, I did finally get my notary public license! I had put off getting it because I thought I had to have it to order a stamp but turns out I did not. Stamp will be here probably next week and then I'll finally be in the Notary Public Biz!! Which will be a total non-profit. But, also a way to help out.
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