Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It's a foggy day out. There's a hill I can see out my living room window and on top of that hill is an old former veteran's hospital that was, for a few years, Amazon's headquarters. It's an imposing sight and one that I am very fond of. Today it is missing. As is a good deal of the international district which is also part of my normal view. It's kind of eerie.

I have nothing on the calendar for today. And nothing lined up to sew. hmmmm. I have some things cut out and ready but they need black thread and the black thread is at the post office to be delivered today or tomorrow.

So maybe today is clean up sewing room day. Or make new crumb block squares. I do have a couple of errands to run but I think I'll wait until 11 and wrap in a stop at the poke place. One of their bowls is plenty for lunch and dinner.

My preferred mayoral candidate did not win. Today, the police chief announced she's leaving. I can only assume it's because she and the new mayor are on vastly different pages. I'm so sorry. We had had a great police chief who left because of politics a 15 years ago and we have crap since thing until this current chief who's been great for the three years she's been here. Now she's gone. Plus, she's so respected that I have a hard time figuring out who - of quality candidates - would look at the situation and say 'oh yeah, that's a sitch I wanna step into.' Sigh.

Tonight is a HOA meeting. It's a budget vote so could be dry as toast or kind of a mess. Our bylaws dictate default acceptance. More than 75% of the population have to vote against to defeat the budget. Actually it may be 60%. Either way, we couldn't get 30% of the population to vote for sunshine. Even though it's proforma, these are condo people. They will argue over the value of breathing.

Google has a cool coding doodle up today which turned out to almost be a rabbit hole. Happily, the music was so annoying that I was able to stop before I killed too much time.

Ok, time now to go do something other than tap a keyboard!
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