Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Not funny, Murphy!

So all day long my nose has been running. Not a cold, not allergies, just old age runny nose. Some days are like that and today was a particularly runny one. All day long I kept thinking - you should go take an allergy pill. And then - nah, it will just make you sleepy. I mus have repeated these two thoughts a half dozen times.

Finally, about 7 pm I figured fuck it. I get sleepy I'll go to sleep. Won't kill me to get a couple of extra hours.

And then I discovered that I had no allergy pills in the house. None. OR if I do they are hiding successfully. DOH.

Now it's 8 and my nose has stopped running.

I am being fucked with.

But, I did just order a bunch of allergy pills/nose spray from my insurance OTC allowance. (They have a limited supply of OTC stuff and give me $50 a quarter to spend buying it. I try to stock up on shit and sure should have hit that allergy section before this but, hey, I'll be ready next time.)
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