Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Comfortable regulars

In my old age, I take great comfort in the routine, the everyday, the same. It's like I crave The Rut. My new gym is very much in keeping with this. Yesterday, I swam in a lane with a very slow middle aged Asian man on my left and a moderately fast woman about my age on my right. The Asian man swam about 50 minutes. The woman swam about 55 minutes.

Today's swim was exactly the same. Except I had on a different swimsuit. Also two lanes over was the skinny middle aged woman who swims 45 minutes nearly every day. And the overweight middle aged guy with the transparent suit (30 mins) was in the land next to her as usual.

Yesterday marks week 3 of the new pool and besides the physical plant of the place and the amenities, I'm loving that there are so many every day swimmers who stick to their routine like I do. The only downside is that they are not friendly at all. When I stop and say "good morning" the reaction I get is a silent "How dare you??!" but that doesn't stop me. I'll crack 'em. Eventually.

Today there is an out of routine event on the schedule. The Living Computer Museum is having a member event this afternoon. Initially it sounded interesting as those things when they are days or weeks away always do. But, now, 2 hours away, not so much. Plus the Seahawkians are gathering outside. The game isn't until 5:30 but, of course, it's never too soon to get drunk and trash my neighborhood.

The museum is about a mile and a half south of here. I could and should walk. But I won't. If I go, I'll take the car and hope the streets are not all closed early for the football game. The even starts at noon and that's when I plan on going. Maybe I'll just go anyway. For an hour or less. I do want to see the new stuff and support them. Plus they may have some cool shit for sale for Christmas.

Between now and then, after I clean up the kitchen, I think I'll work on my shirt.
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