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I love holiday bazaars because of the baked goods. I love home made baked goods but mostly I love when there is a variety of home made backed goods that I can pick and choose from. Last week's haul of banana bread and chocolate chip and sugar cookies was excellent. This week's was fair. It was good enough that I skipped the other one on my list because I had enough. Home made baked goods do not have a great shelf life. And the runway for this year is getting short. Oh well.

The pool was fairly empty today. It's only my 3rd or 4th Saturday but previous ones have seen a fairly big crowd. Maybe the holidays are kicking in and the crowds are gone now til January.

I had a great breakfast at Endolyn Joe's. It was some kind of sausage with apple affair in an omelette. One of the best things about that place are the potatoes. Big blobs of oh so crispy on the outside and pillow soft on the inside. And they always give you way too much. So now I have a box that is at least one more breakfast and maybe even two.

Then I stopped in at Target because I felt a little retail tug. Target was on the way home. I haven't been in a Target store in forever. And now I'm good for another forever. I remember when there was precious little in there that I did not crave. I loved it all and wanted it all. Now, there's next to nothing I'm interested in and it all seems way overpriced. I did get Zoey some cat food so not a total waste. And it did keep me from going to the dollar store which would have been way more of a financial hit.

Now I'm home and all is good. While I was swimming I dreamed up a pocket scheme for my new shirt that is pretty genius. The problem is that if it doesn't work, the fix to save the shirt would be pretty funky. But, doable. So I think I'm going to give it a try.

And this scandalous photo just popped up on my Twitter feed.

It says it's from the 40's but sure could have been from the 50's as well. It's scandalous no only for showing underwear but also because she's wearing black instead of white. Day time underwear was always white. That dress dictates white underwear. She should have known that before she went flashing her unmentionables.

But, it's a great shot of those horrible garter belts. They were extraordinarily uncomfortable. But, stockings were required (only hussies went without stockings) and there were only two options for keeping those stupid things up ... garter belts or girdles which were worse.

I can almost remember the very day panty hose hit the market. Oh joy, oh rapture, oh heaven!!! I also remember clearly my mother's rant about how they would never replace regular stockings because who in their right mind would spend that kind of money on something so impractical???? When you got a run in your stocking, you just chucked it and grabbed one from the next pair. When you got a run in your panty hose, you were fucked.

Except we soon learned it was easy to cut off the leg with the run in it and save it until you got run in another pair and then wear one over top of the other - two good legs. The double panties were a bother BUT better than a garter belt or girdle.

And that concludes today's history lesson from the dark ages.
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