Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done and done and done and done

I got the library books returned, the groceries bought, gas in the car, cash from the ATM and I sewed a shirt.

The grocery is my favorite it's one of a very small chain around town. They have some stuff that no one else has and it's just a cute small-ish place that always feels welcoming. Oh and they have android pay. There's one near the library where I went today and then there was another right by where I used to swim. They closed that one down for a big development but today I discovered that my favorite cashier is now working at the Beacon Hill store. SAVE!

And they had these little tea cakes which were new and they looked interesting. So I got a package (dozen) and turns out they are DELICIOUS! So good that I may have to go back and get more.

I made up the shirt test I imagined in my head and it worked out exactly like I imagined it! Plus, the serger? Amazing. I even got the wavy issue fixed. The test shirt was out of some Goodwill sheets which actually ended up having holes in them. It was fine. I didn't finish it off with hems and stuff. No need. I got the info I needed.

So then I made a couple of tweaks to the pattern and cut it out of the really nice fabric. I'll sew that up this weekend.

I popped across the street to the ATM and got the cash for the month. Oh and I did two loads of laundry and got them folded and put away. Yeah, I'm feeling good about today.

Ran into the plumber today who was nice enough to ask to make sure my hot water was hot. It is. Almost too hot. I may need to turn it down a hair. He told me that my neighbors downstairs, Sherry and Lee,had a leak in their kitchen that ruined nearly everything. Their dishwasher was apparently cracked and leaked onto the floor slowly over a long time until one day their kitchen floor was spongy. Ruined cupboards and a bunch of stuff. He said it was a giant mess. BUT that they now have a new hot water heater!

Ha! Just got a call from the plumber's wife. She handles "everything that doesn't need a wrench". She's as sweet as he is nice. Anyway, turns out they installed the wrong hot water heater. I had opted for a 10 year and they installed a 6 year one. She graciously offered to redo the work and replace what they put in yesterday. I told her heck no! Send me the money. Heck at my age, 6 years is probably optimistic anyway! So I'm getting $350 in free money! (And a lifelong friend in the plumber's wife. The relief in her voice was huge.)

Tonight I'll watch a little TV but mainly my action will be to finish Artemis. I have a little more than an hour to go. Last night I stayed up way too late but the story was too good to stop. Artemis is Andy Weir's (The Martian) new book. It's very different than The Martian and it took me a lot longer to get suckered in but that point past a while ago. I was going to try and stretch it out as long as possible so it wouldn't end but the story is too good. So tonight I'll find out what happens.

Tomorrow there will be swimming and then breakfast out - maybe at the same place as last week because at 9 there is a Holiday Bazaar just up the street from there. So far that's all I have on the books but you never know what could happen.

Now I think I'll fast forward through Ellen.
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