Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A way better day

I'm still wallowing in the glory that is having the internet back. I spent nearly 50 years without it and now just knowing it's not available to me makes me instacraze. And that's even when I have my phone's data available as well as my neighbor's internet. So weird.

But I'm so glad to have it back. It's very disconcerting to know that my connection is so tenuous now. Those tiny wires are no longer sheathed and protected. I'm not even sure how to gt a good fix. Who do you call these days to fix telephone wire? And, if/when I figure that out, the fix will surely cause the connection to die again and so I'd have to have the internet tech back. I just hope the juryrigged solution we have now outlives me.

I'm now watching the Front Door TV Network via a Fire TV app on the TV and listening to WCRB on Alexa while I internet on my chromebook. I've got the sound from my brother's shop (via his dropcam). Oh and I just printed out two pages of my next sewing pattern from my chromebook to the laser printer. Yeah. I totally gridded and happy about it.

Today it will be back to my regular programming. I think I might venture out at lunchtime to the library and grocery and gas. I could do it all tomorrow after my swim but might as well go ahead and get it done. I also want to get some ATM cash.

I have a new pattern to test out. It's for a cardigan but I want to make a pullover out of it. So this will absolutely be tried on throw away fabric first.

But, actually, before that I think I'll get dressed.
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