Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Full Fledged Member of the Idiot's Club

So, yesterday ... yesterday morning... I cleared out the end of the closet that the hot water heater guy needed access to. Among all the old, dusty shit that was there, was a huge glob of old telephone wire. I haven't had a wired telephone in years. So I just cut it out and tossed it.

About 5 hours later my internet died. My internet which is fiber and uses the telephone outlet in the living room which, apparently, is connected to the line I cut.

Now, why/how it waited 5 hours to die is still a mystery BUT clearly the phone line is what's dead. D'Shawn (sp?) is patiently trying to figure out how to fix because splicing it back together is not working.

--- and hour later ----

I'm BACK!!! whew. He got the spice in and it worked!!!! then he taped it to the wall for safety and left. And I had no internet. Happily, I had his phone number so I caught him before he left the 'hood and he came back and fixed it again and this time we came up with a better scheme for securing it.

And now everything is back and operational and omg what a long and tedious day! I've never appreciated my internet more than I do tonight.
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