Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's a waiting day

I waited all morning for the hot water heater guy. The building manager was not too crisp on the schedule. I knew the minute I started lunch, he'd show up and sure enough that did it. He's a nice guy, the plumber, and very chatty. Also fine. He's now drained my old heater and taken it away while he also gets the new one.

Meanwhile it's now 12:30. I'm guessing the internet guy who's window is 1-3, will be here at 3.

I had a hilarious time with the printer today. My printer is about a year old. It can be connected via ethernet to network, ethernet to local, wifi to everything or USB to computer. I have no network. I do have an 18 month old Windows 10 laptop who refused all connections of any kind. I'm sure that if I were more familiar with Windows 10, I could have figured it out but I'm not. And I sure couldn't.

The computer said the printer was too old for USB 3 connection (which I don't believe). And it has no USB 2 ports. Ethernet cable printer/computer - not recognized by computer. My router is a mesh router so no network without internet. Wifi signal from neighbor not strong enough for printer.

I have 2 pages I want to print but, clearly, that ain't happening until the internet is back.

Back to putzing around.
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