Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Off the grid

While I am very grateful to my neighbor for her internet access, it feels like I'm getting all of my light from a tiny candle. I know that it's totally in vogue to cherish being off the grid and away from screens and doing a byte cleanse but I have never been in vogue and sure am not now.

If I wanted to be away from screens, I would turn off my devices. If I wanted to be off the grid, I'd turn everything off or go hide out in a cabin in the woods. I love being connected by the internet. I love having access from phones and tablets and TV and screens of all kinds.

And it is exactly zero fun to be so restricted. And it's lonely.

But... I've had the same internet service for almost exactly 4 years. Their charge for 100Mps (which they delivery consistently) has been $60 a month since the beginning. Not even a penny more. This is the third time in 4 years that my service has been interrupted. They will be here before 3 pm today. I totally need to get over myself.

Also while I'm whining I'd like to make sure the record reflects that The Elf on the Shelf came after my time and I do not get it and I am, like years before, over it already. I'd love a computer that never ever showed me anything related to Pintrest of Elf on a Shelf. Maybe I should check Kickstarter.

On the brights side of things that are broken, the digital clock at the pool was broken again today - it seems that's a thing. There's an analog clock that is not nearly as easy to see. So I ended up swimming 5 minutes and 400 yards longer than normal this morning.

But, I did not swim in the suit I made yesterday. I discovered that the reason I had cut it out and now sewn it was that the fabric pattern was flawed right on what would be the front of the suit. I'm not sure why I didn't throw it away but I'm glad now that I didn't. The serger was perfect for sewing up the suit. But then I got wild and crazy and used it for sewing in the elastic. Not pretty. It is possible to do correctly but a major PIA. Much better, easier to sew the elastic on using the regular machine. Lots of good lessons there but the suit is trash.

Today is hot water heater day. The installer is a plumber I've used before and really like so it's stress free. I have already cleared out the area so he can get in and do his stuff. I'm not sure when he'll be here - maybe at the same time as the internet guy.

I think I'll go get dressed just in case.
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