Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Well THIS is not small stuff - phuck

My internet is down. Goddamnit. I'm sure it's something simple they can fix at HQ but they say no. The first (of 3) woman I talked to said I could take the modem into the store and swap it for a new one. I said "If I go there, they will definitely have a modem I can swap for?" "Oh yes. And they are open til 6."

So, of course, I go. I walk in and the woman says "oh, we don't have those modems here" So I place call #2. "we'll have to send someone out. good news, I can have some one out there tomorrow between 1 and 3"

I honestly did say "If that's what you consider good news, I really do not want to hear the bad".

When I got home, I called again and begged that guy to triple check. He said that he would have to send a technician out. phuck.

It is not the end of the world but it sure does piss me off. I am now running off my cell phone's data plan which is pricey as I am charged by the amount of data I use. I wonder if I can guess my neighbors' password....

OMG my neighbor, two doors down - the one who used to be the vice mayor of Seattle - is running an unlocked network. Thank you, Jan!!

In other condo news, we might be seeing the return of the free shelf! There used to be a set of shelves down the garage. You put stuff on it you didn't want and took stuff from it that you did. People left some clothes, sheets - I got lots of nice sewing fabric. And trinkets and stuff. I picked up a DVD player down there, once, too. It was a nice little community thing. But the building manager at the time, for some reason, hated it. And finally he convinced the HOA president to shut it down.

He left (thankyoujesus) and I waited a while and did some nice things for the building and generally made myself useful and helpful. And then, a few weeks ago, sent a note to the HOA president with the subject line of "If you ever consider bringing back the free shelf..." Then I laid out a simple proposal including:

1. a proposed email introducing the New Free Shelf
2. a list of 4 rules with iron clad teeth in every one.
3. I volunteered to police the shelf and gave her my schedule for doing so.

She called today with some questions and allowed as how she was seriously considering taking me up on my offer and letting us have it back!!

I'm very glad, tonight and all nights that I'm not a cord cutter. I'm very happy to have cable TV. And now I think I'll give it a drive.
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