Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Trying a bunch of stuff at once... worked out ok

I wanted to try out this new pattern and my new serger and make some substantial changes to the new pattern (longer sleeves, adding cowl collar, adding pockets)... Fortunately, I had a lovely jersey bed sheet that was good for nothing else except testing.

I made the shirt except for finishing touches and it's not really wearable which is fine cause the sheet turned out to be a little holey and it was an ugly pale turquoise anyway. But, I learned:

1. My current shit pattern with raglan sleeves is way better than this one.
2. I can now thread that serger nearly blindfolded. That was my one fear and it's now pfffft.
3. Serging up seams on a knit shirt is a dream. It's so fast and easy and the seams come out looking really nice and finished and pretty (and even!).
4. Serging curved seams or seams on the bias results in waves that are not good. I need to figure out how to crack that nut.
5. I'm really glad I got the serger.

I also practiced the techniques I need for swimsuit making. Worked great. I may whip one of those up tomorrow.

I did get a bunch of stuff picked up, put away, cleaned up and everything feels much better now. Whew.

I also called the state Notary office. I sent in my application in mid-October. They cashed the check on 10/27. Since then, crickets. I did talk to a nice lady who said she'd look into it and call me back. And she did. She found my application and is going to process it right away and I should have the certificae in 8-10 business days. Translation: If you want to be a notary in Washington state, plan ahead and don't be in a hurry.

I have a new knitting project to start tonight. I think I'll just get on that right now!
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