Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The house cleaner comes every other week and this is not her week and boy can you tell. There is shit everywhere. Books piled up here, fabric scraps there. Ugh. I need to reign it all in before the crap takes over.

So that's project number 1 today. Pick up stuff and put it away.

And then sew.

My other project is to eat my way through my freezer. I've got stuff in there that is getting some serous age on it. I need to eat or toss. So every morning now, I'll be choosing a new item to thaw and deal with. Today's is easy. Spaghetti sauce. It looks to be about a serving and a half. I can deal with that.

My hot water heater installation got moved up from next week to day after tomorrow. Fine by me. I'm happy to get it done and over with. I'll need clear out the space around it in the closet and that will give me a good excuse to reorganize in there.

My web hosting company sent their annual invoice today. It had really become a steal of a deal. Way way back, it was so complicated and expensive. I had more than one hosting company fold right underneath me. My website was up one day and poof it was gone. And they charged so much that I had one company for hosting web pages and a different, cheaper deal for hosting photos. Even that was no prize. I had an automated scheme where every month I'd have to delete a bunch of photos to make room for new ones. Wild.

And domain names. I got back when domain names were free. Yep. All you had to do is ask and if the name was available it was yours. Then they started charging for them. For a couple of years, the charge was outrageous. I think it was about $160 or so a year. Then it went down to about $30 for several years and leveled off at the $15-20 that it is today.

Because hosting companies were so flaky, I learned early on to never register my domain name with a hosting company. So when the hosting company went under, I could just move my shit to a new one and would only be down for a day at most.

Finally, in 2003, I moved to yet another hosting company when the latest one went belly up. I can't remember the original deal. It was $55 a year but not enough storage to host the photos. Then they kept adding storage and adding storage and adding storage and never changing the price. In fact, today, I went in and discovered that a cheaper package $44 offers way more than I need so I downgraded.

My website serves no purpose these days. I do use the hosting server to store stuff now (a whole lot different than the olden days to be sure) and I use it for a backup email account. But, mostly I hang onto it now out of tradition, nostalgia, old times sake.

Ok, time to get dressed and get going on my tidying upness.
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