Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

An embarrassment of riches

Finished!! The fabric catalog. It's kind of ghetto but it works for me. The colors are off because the lighting in the bedroom is not photogenic but what I'm looking for is a reminder of what I have and the notes help. Yeah!! 54 pieces. About 15 of them are not big enough for a whole anything but big enough for sleeves or collar/trim, etc. At least now I know what I have. I can, from my phone even, see what I have in prints or in solids or in knits... Nice.

Then I finished that freakin' sweater! whew. Then I decided to add pockets. It's now all done and pressed/steamed out and ready for the weather to turn cold! I'm not unhappy with it but I am sick of it. Hopefully, I'll feel differently by the time the cold comes.


And then and LJ friend did me a lovely favor. Thank you!!

And then... I got a text from Amazon that my serger was being delivered today! We have an Amazon home grown delivery service here. They use it for about half of the deliveries I get. They deliver many times a day, 7 days a week. When they fuck up, it's epic but when they delight, it's very cool. Today was very cool. About 15 minutes after I got the text, I got another one saying it was here!!

I got it all unboxed and set up and plugged in and the box put away and the other box broken down. It came threaded. (Sergers use 4 spools of thread at once and are notorious for being a nightmare to thread.) So I photographed it from all sides so that I can have a reference if I need it. And then I put the little cover on and turned out the light.

I'm saving it for tomorrow.

So, how's today been so far, Susan. Freakin' Fuckin' Excellent!
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