Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New neighbors... maybe

So... today there were cleaners in the big apartment across the way. This is the one with the big terrace and the one that I have the best view of. I'm thinking maybe December 1?

When the building was finished, the first occupants of the big apartment were a couple of middle to older aged gay guys who LOVED to party. They were such fun. They never shut the blinds and always played on the terrace and they had TWO Christmas trees. I loved those guys. Then they moved out. And the next tenant and the one after the next one both rarely ventured onto the terrace and kept the blinds down 24/7 year round. They were NOT fun.

So now we get new. My fingers are crossed.

I made a Mariner bat and a fleece creature today...


Meanwhile there is a large college football game - Washington State vs University of Washington - going on across town but the sports bar across the street is packed with fans. I can hear the game's progress clearly. What I don't know is who they are cheering for. Somebody just did something spectacular.

My other big project which is now about half done is cataloging my fabric stash. I'm taking a picture of each piece of fabric and then noting how big it is and what it is (woven, knit, swimsuit, etc). This is not so fun to do from scratch but will be easy to keep up and quite handy. Already I can plug 'swimsuit' into flickr and get the photos of all the swimsuit fabric and the lining I have on hand. I like it.

But, now I'm taking a sit break. Maybe I'll watch a little house hunter while I work on my sweater.
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