Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I am not a You Tube person. I just do not get it. Why oh why does one make a 20 minute recording to share 5 minutes of information? And if all you are going to do is talk, wouldn't it be better to have it written down for reading instead???

There must be a magic there that just whips right by me.

BUT I spent a good portion of this day watching You Tube videos and actually did manage to find a minute here or there that explained stuff fairly well but oh what a slog!

I am now ready for my serger. And I have lots of ideas. Remember those patchwork pants? The squares of knit fabric are already cut out but I hadn't figured out how I wanted to do them yet. Turns out I was waiting for the serger. Amazon says it will be here on Monday.

I did some other sewing today and finally got the damn sweater wrangled. I have only the sleeve cuffs and tying up the lose ends to go. Yeah! And, of course, now it is too warm for it. But, it's supposed to chill up towards the end of the week, I hope.

Tomorrow morning I have plans. Two Christmas bazaars and breakfast on my radar after my swim.
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