Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Early fish catches the... nah

There are usually 4 of us at the gym waiting for the doors to open. 2 are regular gyms (non swimmers) and happy to give you a smile and a "good morning!". The third woman is a swimmer. If you say "good morning" she'll grunt one back to you with a barely perceptible turn of her head. In other words a real sweet heart. I'm working on her - stay tuned.

Anyway, I was surprised but all four of us were there this morning at 4:50. The pool actually filled up with regulars. Also surprising. When I left, I saw that the parking lot had very few cars. I'll bet those two regular gym women were lonely! Just the weirdo swimmers out that early on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

I had a spectacularly good swim for some reason. I swam hard and long and enjoyed it even more than usual. While I swam I tried various iterations of room arrangements for squeezing in my new serger. I have some ideas. None wonderful but maybe doable.

The very fun news is that my second chromebook sold on Amazon! So... the sale of both those chromebooks cover the purchase of my new one. Which I love. Excellent.

I discovered when I went to pack up the first one that my stash of laptop shipping boxes had water damage with only one good one left. (And what in the world does that say about my tech habit - that I had a stash of laptop shipping boxes??!!) So when I $3 boxes that is just the right size. I'm feeling proud for that maneuver. I'll get the thing all packed and ready and take it over when the post office opens at 9.

No other plans for today particularly. I think I'll be watching some serger videos. And maybe cutting out some projects to be serged. Like maybe a new swimsuit.

I still have lots of TV saved up to watch and I'm thinking I might be ready to get back to the sweater and finish it up.

I am very very happy to report that The Tree That I Hate is completely naked!! It's actually been a couple of years since it's been this free of leaves. Usually there are some that hang on all damn winter but this year, my view is lovely.

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