Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Delicious cooking smells

No turkey here but I am baking a batch of chex mix and OMG does it smell delicious. House perfume. The best kind.

The pool was packed for a while but it appears that all the swimmers arrived at 8 and by 9:15 there was only an aqua fitness class and 3 empty lanes. I did learn from a gym old timer that the only day the gym is closed is Christmas day. All other holidays are 8-3. I can live with that.

I went from the pool across town to 13 Coins. It seemed like the restaurant was in a different city. I think the last time I was at 13 Coins it was the one near the airport and before that it was after dark.

Every inch of real estate that you can see from there is different. Buildings gone, new buildings sprung up, some roads are no longer there and there are new ones. It's amazing. And jarring. The restaurant is the last man standing and it's scheduled to stand no more in January.

It was my first Seattle restaurant. My friend, John, came up from California to help me unpack boxes. We worked like dogs and then John said 'shower up, we're going for a treat'. John had lived here before and knew the poop, so I just went with it.

He took me to 13 Coins. Almost exactly 26 years ago. He died about 13 years ago. As I stood there this morning in front looking around, I realized how little of what I was looking at was there 26 years ago. Very very little. Wild. I'm not sad about it. That neighborhood is going to be amazing in a whole new way. But I will not recognize any of it once 13 Coins is gone. I was really glad I went one more time.

And the food was delicious. So good.

Today is another not great breathing day. I had one a couple of weeks ago and I'm not happy to have another. I've been lucky that my COPD symptoms have been so mild for so long and I honestly wouldn't mind if that streak last longer. I've started tracking it and, hopefully, just doing that will cut down on the number of bad days. Murphy's Law.

Last night I slept two hours longer than normal and slept really well. And then, when I got home from the restaurant, I slept for an hour and a half. I didn't feel great when I woke up but I think that was just a day sleeping hangover. I do not like naps. I feel better now. I think I'll finish up the ears on my monster.
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