Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fancy Pooping

I was out running errands and running out of errands and needed a bathroom. It was too soon to go back home so I considered the other options... I was at Goodwill and they had one way in the back somewhere. MacDonald's wasn't far but neither of those solutions appealed and then I remembered just a little farther down the street was the Mercedes place and they have a lovely bathroom.

Fat old white women - like me - are pretty invisible to the majority of the population so I was able waltz through the Mercedes showroom without being stopped by even so much as a Good Morning! Their bathroom is really lovely with floor to ceiling walls and doors on the stalls. And free wifi. What the hell more could you want? Well, they don't have bidets so there's that but still. They do win over MacDonalds and Goodwill.

On the way out of the showroom, just to fuck with them, I stopped and looked at a couple of cars. None of the 10+ staff hanging around entertaining each other bothered to move. So I felt fine and dandy using them as a rest stop. I may do it again next time the need arises.

My house is clean and all is good. It is freakily warm here today. I never did get into the sewing room today. But I got some stuff done that I wanted to do so still an excellent day. I think I'll work on this knitted monster and watch a little daytime TV. Well, watch nighttime TV that I have recorded...
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