Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have two expensive chromebooks that I do not use. One, the 2013 one, I've tried to sell before with no luck. It's been living under the bed. The other day I got inspired to try again. I looked at several different options but went back to Amazon because it's the easiest.

This time, it sold! Yahoo. Mainly I'm glad that someone who wants it will use it. I loved that thing. It sold for $400 but seller fees and shipping will strip that down to about $360 which is still about a forth of a hot water heater. I am not complaining.

Plus today is house cleaner day. I have taken to using this time to pop into the Goodwill and see what's new in fabric and then go on to the grocery store. Today, I'm not getting anywhere near a grocery store. But, now I can add post office and I'll ship the chromebook off to Texas.

And then the rest of the day should be pretty normal. Sewing, futzing around, etc. No big plans. Plenty of things to keep me entertained.

Now I've got to dig back in the closet and see if I can find that Chromebook box!
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