Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It begins...

As I drove to the pool this morning, NPR reported that today was the day that record numbers of people would be hitting the road today for Thanksgiving. For the first 30 minutes of my swim today I was the only person in the pool. Wild after yesterday's crowd. Finally others started coming in but for a while it as a 'wonder if I missed a memo' situation.

We have lots of rain. So last night's trash is now a bunch of soggy lumps for several blocks around the stadium. Lovely.

Yesterday I spied and joined this two month program to collect data from drivers in Seattle. Since I have now reduced my driving from hardly going anywhere to going even fewer miles every day, I think I have a good chance of winning! ha.

I am not at all opposed to giving up data about me in exchange for stuff. I do it all the time. My email program cost me nothing except data and for that I get superior spam control and email administration. I get $3 a week (in Amazon or other ecard) cash for browser data collection through a Google program. I give up info about my knitting (and even catalog it for them - and me) to Ravelry in return for use of a pretty slick program and access to a large community of knitters and crocheters. Etc. Etc.

So giving up two months of where I go and how I get there? A no brainer. Plus, Google tracks it anyway so I'm already donating it to the giant database of me. Plus, it will be interesting to see how they think I do.

I've already done my do for today, I think. There's no where I really plan to go. I could use some groceries but the need is not enough to brave grocery stores before Friday. So I'll just be here, doin' stuff. I should (and might) take a walk later. I really should make a habit of doing that every day especially when the sun isn't out to bug me and it's not hot out. Maybe if I say it enough, I'll actually do it... sometimes.
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