Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A new favorite

I really struggled over this jacket but it's done and I love it so much. Totally worth the hassle. It fits perfectly even over a fleece top.




After sending me an email saying they would try to delivery my package tomorrow and promised nothing, Amazon delivered it today at noon. Eye roll.

I finally conquered the bluetooth issues and now, my phone unlocks my chromebook just by sitting next to it. So nice.

I use Cerave lotion which is expensive. It comes in tiny airplane size and annoying large pump bottle. (Annoying because it's really too big and the top doesn't lock well enough to safely tote to the pool every day.) The pump part of the last two bottles snapped right off to never be pumped again. So I wrote to them and bitched. And asked them for a more portable container. They sent me one email basically saying no. Then another one saying they would send me coupons. Today I got a check for $18.04. ?? I really wish their stuff wasn't so effective so I could boycott. I did discover that pouring it into a rubber condiment bottle (think ketchup or mustard) works fine.

My HOA dues for 2018 are 9% higher than 2017. I thought it was going to be 10% so Yikes but not YIKES! I save my pennies so that I can pay this bill one time in December and live in denial for the rest of the year. Paid today. Let the denial begin!

And I put both my pixel chromebooks up for sale on Amazon. I doubt either will sell but I'm sure they won't sell if I don't list them. So... done.
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