Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


On my way home from the pool, at 6:10 am, Seahawk fans were setting up their pregrame parties... in the dark... for the 5:30 PM game. So, yeah, those folks will be in fine shape for the game and our neighborhood will, once again be decorated in drunks and tomorrow it will look like a landfill. Football to me has just become another word for nasty.

Best I can tell there are only 3 home games left. The last one on New Years Eve. ARugh.

And, while I'm bitching about stuff... Amazon says it tried to deliver my package this morning at 7:15 but "the business was not open". I was sitting right here with the phone by my side. The business was indeed open and no one tried shit. This was their home grown delivery service which has managed to secure a level of service way below OnTrac's which held the Worst Service Ever award for ages until Amazon got in the delivery game.

Ok. Enough. My swim was great. That pool is crowded on Mondays. I finally had to share a lane today but only for my last 10 minutes. They lanes seem too narrow to share but it really worked out fine. I'm so glad I found this place.

I forgot to get sausage at the grocery and again at Costco. My latest go to breakfast is a toasted english muffin hugging a sausage patty. I cannot see the wisdom of going to a grocery store this week. I have lots of english muffins and they may have to do breakfast duty alone...

Today I have no plans to go anywhere. I will be sewing. I want to finish that jacket and get started on my next project.
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