Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I am an idiot

I'm making a new coat. Jacket really. For when I don't want to go all crazy patchwork. It's pattern from a company I've never tried before. They have a different way of doing PDF pattern making which took some getting used to. Then a typo on one of their pattern pieces really threw me. But I persevered.

Today I sewed up the sleeves and finished off the seams and, as each sleeve has 3 pieces, this was not a speedy thing. And then I decided the sleeves were not big enough. I had bought extra fabric because I had another project in mind so I dragged it out and cut out more sleeves. I was deep into production when I realized that I had sewed one of the second set of sleeves, inside out. Holy crap on a stick. Cut out another sleeve.

Finally I got it all together. It fits fine now but is too short. I have finishing to do and a scheme to add a couple of inches to the bottom. I'll finish it up tomorrow. It will all work out but I can't believe I made it so needlessly difficult!

And really, that's all I've done today. Now it's time for TV and sweatering. I'm switching between crocheting the last of the sleeves and knitting the ribbing around the front. I trade off to save my arms. So far, it's working. I'm knitting/crocheting this all in one piece so I don't have to go back and sew it together. I hate sewing it together but this way makes for one heavy piece to work on.

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