Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My delicate elbow

My current sweater has gotten too heavy to work on. Yikes! I have old age elbows. Mostly it's my right one that takes easy offense and any issue. Last night it was killing me after only an hour of working on the sweater. It was still cranky this morning while swimming. Not bad enough to quit swimming, thankfully.

So this sweater will be my last, I think. I'm going back to bears and small things that are easier on my hands and arms.

Other than an achy arm, this morning's swim was lovely. The gym population - well, the gym's pool population - is really different than that of either of the LA Fitnesses. There are a lot more women and everyone is older. LA Fitness was all millennial with a few Silver Sneaker peops thrown in. And the pools were filled with mostly young men and mostly people who's swim sessions were 20 mins or 30 max.

West Seattle Health is a whole lotta late 30's and older. And the swimmers are mostly women. And they generally swim 45 minute sessions or longer. And everyone seems very nice and very easy to get along with. I've not seen/heard the snipping and harsh convos about lane sharing that I heard a lot the Ballard LA Fitness.

The locker rooms are really big with LOTS of lockers and more than once already, I've lost my stuff. I've come out of the shower with nary a clue which locker I used. Today, I finally remembered to pay attention and found my stuff on the first try. Go me.

I finally remembered to take my change to the Coin Star machine and managed to fuck it up. Little did I know that ecards were available on a machine basis. The machine I went to did not have Amazon (my go to). The only option they had was Home Depot. So I got cash which meant giving them 10%. When I got home, I looked it up and discovered that you can search for machines that have the Amazon option. Sigh. That's $2.50 right down the drain.

The church bazaar was a bit of a let down but I managed to find three things and donate $20. I munched on the peanut brittle coming home. Not too damn bad! Also got cookies and some kind of pepper jelly. So not horrible but I was kind of looking forward to fudge and chex mix which I got last year but not enough of. Time to find some more holiday bake sales!

Now I'm home with a lovely afternoon available. I think sewing, of course, and maybe a movie... who knows.
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