Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I got my official gym card/tag thingie at the gym this morning. I'm in. I'm legit. I even remembered to snap a photo of it so when I lose it, I'll at least have the info. Wonder if their little machine will read the photo... hmmmm


I think I have one of those badge holders on a retractable string. If not, I'll buy one, and attach this to my swim bag. That should work fine.

Today I really do want to get my ass out the door and on to the street for a walk. I need stuff at the drug store (4 blocks) and I could go get a poke bowl for lunch (3 blocks). But mainly I just need to walk farther than from one end of my condo to the other. I could do the drugstore tomorrow while I'm out in the car so that makes getting out on my feet even less enticing. But, if I don't start walking regularly, I'll totally lose the ability. And too sunny and too hot are no long valid excuses.

Also, I need to pick up all the leaves that blew up on my terrace this past week. It's a mess out there.

And I have one more pair of pants cut out that need to be sewn up before I start on anything new. And I have lots of fodder for 'new'.

My new phone/chromebook are supposed to work together. One sales pitch was that you could use the phone to unlock the chromebook only mine won't do it. I've tried every computation and every trick and guideline and nope. I suspect it's a software flaw in the chromebook. If it's hardware, I need to send it back. If it's software they will fix. Dealing with Google help on issues like this is incredibly painful so I go back and forth. Ignore, dig in, ignore, pursue, ignore and hope for a future fix. I think today's going to be an ignore day. I hope.

I think now, I'll go get dressed and get sewing.

Morning help

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