Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Zen... I found it

When I decided to work no more, I also decided that now, since I truly am the boss of me, I would do whatever was required to ensure a smooth and pleasant life. Letting things piss me off is in my control. And sweating the small stuff is as useless as sweating the big stuff. And, for the most part, I've made it work. Stress and fury and frustration are all frosted with powerlessness. I have the power over me.

Today, for instance, the lines were long at Costco and people were not nice. And I chose to ignore it and focus on what the fuck that guy in front of me was planning with his $900+ haul of groceries (no meat) and wine.

Just now, I spent an hour and a half trying to print out a pattern. The reason I could not do it correctly turned out to be entirely my fault but before I got to that answer, I recognized the harmful stages (throw this stupid shit out the window, slam something, yell at the cat) and I just breathed and kept calm. Ok, there was one MOTHERFUCKER! But only one.

The sales guy at the gym is getting all salesy on me for zero reason. I have not once given him any reason to think I'm not willing to pay whatever he wants. I do not need to be sold. In fact, my last email started off with "I'm Sold" but, he must have a quota of dumb salesy shit he has to foist on prospects. So I'll let him get it out of his system, knowing full well that as soon as I seal the deal, I'll never hear from him again.

And there are just some days when an annoyance will just blow right by me and others when the tiniest thing will be the worst. Today was like that latter but except for that one MOTHERFUCKER! I've been good, fine, zen...

Breathe, breathe, breathe

Then I took the New York Times Copy Editor Quiz and nailed it and felt much better!

I have a brand new pork chop for dinner.
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