Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Long range planning

Once I realized that I have a place to swim first thing next Thursday, I no longer had any reason to consider Thanksgiving. I have no plans, no interest in making any. Just another day.

BUT, the rest of the world (well, yeah, ok, just this country) is on a Thanksgiving schedule that I need to make sure I don't clash with and so... I'm thinking ahead.

The smart money says to go ahead and make the Costco run today or tomorrow OR wait until the first week of December and hope Christmas shopping hasn't started yet. Nope. I think today or tomorrow is more smart.

And today is laundry day. I had to do a load of all the fabric I bought yesterday and then the dirty clothes hamper has about two loads in it. I like to wrestle the laundry when it can be done in one load and almost always fail.

So laundry and Costco with a side of sewing and knitting/crocheting for dessert. That's my day today. Nice.
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