Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The cost of saving...

This morning, my JoAnn's app told me they had 20% off everything today. Oh Great. But, no. I have stuff to sew and things to do and so I just swiped it away.

Then I got to the end of my shirt and I needed some fusing to finish off the collar nicely and I remembered I used the last of it a shirt or two ago. Hmmmmm Ok. What could I do? When JoAnn's calls back again it's not just a butt dial, right?

So... that Stitch Whitchery (normally $4) cost me $103. BUT BUT BUT... I saved $89! So really. It was a deal. And I got fabric for a coat, 3 fleece tops, 3 knit tops. And saved $89.

Came home, finished the shirt. I think it's now a favorite.


Left on my things to do before dinner list is to wind up the two hanks of yarn left so I can put all the yarn winding crap away.
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